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June 17, 2003

a few referrals....

Because I'm a might bored at work for the moment.

bridget hentai gay

................. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH *falls over*

That would require me having two things: a penis and someone to share it with. >3

Ass Rape fic - *TWITCH*

bdsm extreme torture anorexic - well, that's quite specific isn't it?

Fuuma/Kamui lemon - That's one of my favorite lemon flavors. ^^

fuuma kamui sex fic - two in a row, no less. Wish these people would make themselves known so we know we're not so alone.

I wonder why I keep getting referrals for sex and sex-related things. I haven't talked about sex in months. Probably because I put referrals like that up here. XD

i know something you don't know


it's been a month since i've blogged here! >.<

You are...DORK!KAMUI! You're too sweet and Fuuma-
involved for your own good, and you're still
wearing that crazy black school uniform! Watch
out, you're an easy target for all the child
molesters in this series.

Which Kamui Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Well, my choices were angry, dark, dork, bewilidered, "Subaru-stalker" (as IF! >:E) and Dork!Fuuma. I'm guessing Dork!Kamui is kitten as he is now. That makes me happy. :3

i know something you don't know

May 3, 2003

my mission, and i choose to accept it...

While at American University, I have had the privledge of being blessed with access to a T3 internet connection. In recent months, a wonderful tool for otaku worldwide, BitTorrent, has made downloading our favorite anime much easier and faster. I have one week left with my super fast connection, and during that time, my goal is to download the following series:

DN Angel: episode 5

EsperS Otherwise: episode 6

Gundam: SeeD up to episode 30

Mahoutsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto: up to episode 12

Matantei Loki Ragnarok: episode 4

Naruto: up to episode 30

Weiß Kreuz Gluhen: episode 10

Wolf's Rain: episode 14

We'll see if I can do it. I'm going to be spending an entire summer (possibly longer) on a dial-up connection. I need something to hold me over. Now, if I could only make the torrent work on a Mac. >.>

All of these series can be found at AnimeSuki.

A note on the DN Angel anime... it's really obnoxious. I've never read the manga, though I've wanted to. It runs in ASUKA, which I get every month for X and Gouhou Drug, and I've thumbed through the monthy offerings from much further along in the manga. It looks interesting, there is much pretty, so I'm probably going to give it a shot after I finish Alichino. But the anime... ugh. Daisuke's voice bothers me, the animation is flat and unremarkable, and the long-haired twin (Rika) makes me want to gag. Of /course/ she's in love with Dark after seeing him on television, of /course/ she has Akane Tendo syndrome in the kitchen (as in, she cannot cook to save her life -- WHY is it that every shoujo series has a girl like this?!) and of course she has an uncanny ability to read tarot cards. Incidentally, the tarot theme will never be done better than the way it was done in Escaflowne. They should have given her a fugging crystal ball to use to predict the future. It would suit her personality better. I hope the manga is better than the series.

i know something you don't know

April 29, 2003

mmmm, almost monochome...

Heee, new layout!

I've been enamored with the main picture of this theme for a long time, and have wanted to use it for something and it just seemed to fit here. :D Mmmm, Fuuma is a sexy, sexy man.

i know something you don't know

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